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Makino Machining Complex (MMC)

The MMC3 is a modular, automated material handling system that links Makino horizontal machining centers, pallet loaders and operators. A servo-controlled vehicle transports material to and from machines, with little, if any, operator intervention.

Each system is completely flexible and can be configuired to your machining needs using standard components. Its modular flexibility permits future expansion as needed.

The Makino Machining Complex (MMC) assigns work and initiates operations automatically, based on machine and material availability, utilizing maximum spindle capabilities and monitoring all automated procedures.


  • 48 pallet management system
  • Makino Advanced Systems (MAS) cell controller software
  • Incorporates 2 A55E horizontal machining centers and 2 A51 horizontal machining center

Makino A-55 Horizontal Machining Center

The A55 improves reliability in high-speed continuous machining by cooling the spindle directly from the inside with temperature-controlled oil. It provides the same amount of travel in the X- and Y-axes to facilitate multiface machining. The minimum distance from the table center to the spindle gauge line lane is 70 mm for improved spindle approach to the workpiece. The integrated spindle-rotor of the drive reduces vibration during high-speed operation and achieves faster acceleration/deceleration. Machining chamber free of chip buildup and wide center chip trough.

  • 137 & 90 Tool Automatic Tool Changer
  • RP 2-RET Retractable Tool Probe
  • MP-700 Automatic Parts Measuring System
  • 48 Work Offsets
  • Helical & Polar Coordinate Interpolation

Makino A-51 Horizontal Machining Center

A high-speed horizontal machining center designed for parts machining and pursuing superior cost performance plus outstanding reliability in continuous machining.

  • 134 Tool Automatic Tool Changer
  • 12,000 RPM
  • 30HP Spindle
  • Renishaw Probe System

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